Dakkak Tours

Dakkak Tours International is one of Jordan’s leading independently owned inbound tour operator and DMC “Destination Management Company” serving the leisure and incentive markets for more than 42 years.

In 1977, Dakkak opened its first office in Amman – Jordan. Since then, Dakkak continued to grow forming Dakkak Group, under which various brands are featured, all related to travel services.

Today we do have 8 offices in Jordan, 1 in Jerusalem and 1 in the USA forming Dakkak Group in addition to several representatives worldwide. Our Head Office is based in Amman – Jordan. We are a full travel service company offering a wide selection of products and facilities in Jordan and beyond.

According to official statistics of the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism, and for the past 3 years Dakkak has been holding the position 1 – 3 inbound in number of tourists to Jordan and has been among the top 5 in the last 10 years.

We are keen to develop a business partnership with your esteemed company, looking for a long lasting co-operation to the benefit of both corporations.