Fine Hygienic Holding

Since our establishment in 1958, we have been driven by one simple mission: to provide our consumers with high-quality hygienic products and solutions that will make their lives brighter.

As the first and largest hygienic tissue and diaper producer in the MENA region, and one of the largest in the world, we are currently present in more than 75 countries across five continents. We strive to lead by example, and hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence across all of our operations. Our comprehensive, vertically-integrated business model means we are committed to hygiene, safety, quality, innovation, technology, environment, and sustainability at each of our paper mills, production facilities, and distribution centers.

We place people center stage – from our customers and employees to our planet's future generations.

We will become the shining star of the Arab FMCG business world. We will take on the iconic global FMCG companies with pride and daring. We will win leadership market share by out-innovating and out-maneuvering competition.
All of this shall culminate by taking FHH public on a global-leading exchange, and making FHH a preferred investment for the global financial community. We will, in every sense of the word, become truly a “big-time” company—uttered in the same breath alongside the world’s finest corporations and organizations.