For Candidates

On the ground that we truly believe in you as well as in your capabilities, at kalamntina, we are going to provide you with all the support needed to acquire the opportunities that you deserve, our candidates’ services have been developed based on the leading practices in human resources; our quest is to guide you through the recruitment journey and not to mention that fact that we decisive and determined to increase your work prospects opportunities.

Our professionals willingly provide the following services:


  • CV writing

We help you write a winning CV that can exhibit your true capabilities and achievements based on the best international practices.


  • Cover letter writing

You need to show the employers how you can add value to their business before even reading your CV. Having a professionally-written cover letter would assist you in getting their attention and increasing their interest in reading your CV and ultimately considering you for the job.


  • CV Designing

 We help designing a professional CV 



  • Prepare For Future (PFF)

National surveys have consistently found that businesses confront difficulty finding employees with the right skills even among college graduates searching for work, employers have found these graduates lacking employable skills. There is a significant gap between what employers expect of their new hires and what college graduates have or can offer.

We have interviewed and surveyed more than 30 HR experts and consultants in the MENA region so as to identify the KSAs (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities) that any job candidates should have; based on our research and analysis, we have developed PFF Program to equip the candidates with needed KSAs to effectively perform and add value in the workplace.


The PFF Program consists of 13 topics that will be delivered in 6 workshops as follows

PFF Training


  • Kalamntina career coaching

Our professionals are going to guide you to utilize your latent, skills, and capabilities to achieve success and prosperity. 


  • Kalamntina training

We offer more than 100 training programs in different fields through our partners and expert trainers.


If you are interested in one or more of our services, please feel free to contact us; we are more than willing to assist and guide you through the entire process.