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The six thinking hats

The six thinking hats is a problem-solving technique used to explore topics, improve the quality and efficiency of decisions-White Hat (Facts): Looking at the issue in terms of data, information, and considering all of the evidence in a non-emotional and non-biased way.-Yellow Ha...

Top Required Majors in Jordanian Labor Market - ICT Majors

The majors required in the labor market help students choose the appropriate college for these majors, in order to integrate into the labor market quickly after graduation. Therefore we have collected for you the most important specialties of ICT in the Jordanian labor...

7 Tips for Connecting with Your Interviewer

There's a lot that determines your success in an interview—from how you answer questions to the questions you ask, and from the quality of your resume to your timeliness and manners. Here's 7 tips you need to succeed in your job interview.