Islamic Educational Collage

The Islamic Educational College (IEC) is situated at the center of Amman in Jordan; the Islamic Cultural Society, a charitable society registered with the Ministry of Social Development, was established in 1947.

IEC is a non-profit organization, whose educational and administrative policies are set by the school's Board of Trustees.

The school was founded with the aim of providing a bilingual Islamic education that would meet, in quality and extent, the highest standards, whilst remaining firmly rooted in the Arab Islamic heritage.

Student enrolment is currently around 5329 students, administrative and  teaching staff  926.

The Islamic Educational College is a school where Islamic moderate educational theory and practice are implemented and enthusiastically embraced.

The Islamic Educational College is a private school, licensed by the Jordanian Ministry of Education. IEC prepares its students for the Tawjihi at its national stream and British program: IGCSE/GCE and the American Program AHSD as school leaving qualifications.

As well as providing an academic education of high quality, the school attaches considerable importance to creative, physical and community service activities, and offers a wide and developed range of facilities and opportunities in these areas.