Khawarizmi University Technical College

Khawarizmi University Technical College (KUTC) is built on the concept of “Aspiring Professionals", a philosophy that encourages students to combine theory with practice to solve problems. This practical philosophy, as well as its technical education, enables it to aim for a good rank in the nation's top universities for student's return on investment in a competitive labor market. KUTC is a unique modern University College Campus Located in the Center of Amman, surrounded by a rapid and vast commercial facilities vibrant and full of life. The university college is motivated by a worldwide highly qualified Jordanian academic staff, committed to quality teaching and training. KUTC offers progressive labor-driven specialties preparing professional graduates for local and regional market, all of which is hinged on an advanced Technical Bachelor Degree combined with a Vocational and Practical learning. The range of high-quality degrees within affordable tuition supported by scholarships programs policy. Its model revolves around integrating students in a summer session’s practical training next to an Applied Internship Graduation Project emphasizing technical and professional labor driven experience. KUTC technology learning setup manifested itself in a Bi-lingual Campus highlighted by a Smart Technical–based scientific research facility. Its degree is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Jordan.