Liwa International School

Founded in 1992, Liwa International School set sail on its mission to provide the highest quality educational experience for learners. Backed by a quality-assurance ISO 9001:2008 certificate, an international reputation and refined expertise, Liwa has become a trademark of academic excellence in the region.

In our books, education means much more than imparting facts and statistics. It means nurturing latent talents, fostering creativity and empowering students to form opinions, preferences, and interests to become critical thinkers, and lifelong learners.

Committed to continuous self-assessment, improvement and change, our educational philosophy highlights five key pillars:

Learning by doing: This pillar provides students with unique opportunities to use their knowledge in real-life situations. It encourages them to take an active role in learning new skills, polishing them and building new ones through practical and experiential activities such as science experiments, surveys, and problem solving activities.

Holistic Education: This pillar motivates students to develop a wholehearted approach to education by imparting a holistic approach for the mind, body and the soul. Thereby, making education a continuous learning process.

Give Back What You Get: This pillar fosters authority among individuals, promotes gratitude and persuades them to play an active role in society. The main objective is to derive key takeaways from different people and cultures that inhabit our society and drive inter-dependency. Nurturing social skills and other initiatives are some of the main activities under this pillar.

Be open-minded: This pillar motivates people to be open to new methods of learning and to be more aware of the opportunities beyond school and home. Educational trips, industrial visits and annual excursions further help in broadening these perspectives and opportunities.

Take responsibility: This pillar encourages students to take responsibility for their own behavior and actions with respect to their environment at home or school. The pillar comprises student councils, special conferences and various leadership programs to build the will to make firm, practical and wise decisions among students