Effective Business Writing Skills

Mixed messages, misunderstandings and misconceptions cost organizations millions each year. Technical writing training covers a wide range of topics and depending on the industry, comes in many formats such as short reports, lab reports, specifications, manuals, proposals, technical articles, white papers, and abstracts.
Different reader groups read the same documents; however, their level of understanding can vary greatly.
Course Methodology

Different training methods appropriate for the targeted group, such as:

  1. Active training
  2. Short lecture, where parts of the training material is in the form of short explanation of some of the elements related to the course.
  3. Storytelling, some stories that may have an impact and expressed success in actual creative characters and evidences.
  4. Role-playing was the design and implementation of a set of representative scenes representing social and work problems and how to be highlighted and tackled creatively.                                       Gallery: Gallery work aim at stimulating participants to express their points of view, discussions and debates about the topics with reference to their actual problems; all these will be displayed on               flip-charts on the walls inside the presentation room to maintain the level of skill and to keep the highest level of interaction.
  5. Enhance the level of interaction with the power point display through connectivity points and focus on the key skills.
  6. Accelerate learning through fragmentation of content so that it becomes easy handling by the participants
  7. Direct application of all the skills and discuss the pros and cons.
  8. Melt tension through breaking down barriers between the participants and provide a pleasant environment for the exchange of information.
  9. Return of all the participants to their work brimming with positive and constructive attitudes.

All through:

  • Provide a dynamic environment for the participants through the selection and sequence of activities and restructure of the program so that the participants enroll enjoyably experience free of trouble.
  • Training methods can automatically help participants transfer information and skill from short-term memory to long-term memory through interconnection networks and interactive activities and exchange of experiences.


Training objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Apply the basics of business writing for delivering clear massages
  • Practice basic techniques for writing effective emails, letters and memos
  • Demonstrate professionalism by writing in a clear, specific and positive manner
  • Deliver solid conclusions through organized structure and flow
  • Use practical and modern methods for powerful business writing
What participants will learn?
  • Ten tips for effective technical writing
  • Six principles of technical writing
  • Writing with greater clarity and precision
  • Strategies to detect weak areas and improve documents
  • Organizing material by purpose and audience
  • Tips and techniques to start writing
  • Improving the appearance of technical documents

Needed competencies

  • Written communication
  • Business writing etiquette
  • Structured thinking
  • Assertiveness
  • Ability to address complex situations
  • Reading between the lines


Course Outline

Introduction to business writing

The content

  • Definitions of business writing
  • Setting emails, letters and memos in context
  • 6 tips for writing effectively
  • Recognizing the hallmarks of effective writers
  • Applying modern day business writing techniques

Characteristics of business writing

The content

  • Writing considerations
  • Guidelines for sentences
  • 7 traits of organized writing
  • Setting a purpose
  • Investigating the audience
  • Organizing content to match your audience
  • Using clear, specific and positive writing
  • Developing your business writing style
  • Using visual aids powerfully
  • Complementing writing with tables and charts

Writing strategy

The content

  • Organizing thoughts
  • Pyramid structuring
  • Developing a compelling storyboard
  • 3 parts to a message
  • Achieving flow through effective transitioning
  • Applying pyramid structuring to your writing
  • Making the most of your facts
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Abductive reasoning
  • Building a compelling introduction

Big tips on writing

  • Promote clarity in writing
  • Avoid miscommunication
  • Manage and deliver expectations
  • Respond to different email scenarios
  • Understand different reader personalities

Using powerful language

The content

  • Writing considerations
  • Using visual aids
  • 7 tips for writing effectively
  • Using power words to influence your audience
  • Using visual aids effectively
  • Managing a checklist for your writing
  • Going the last inch
  • How to be a successful business writer

Training Aids to be used:

Several training aids, including:

  • Monitor Data Show. Video shots related to the subject
  • Flipchart.
  • Round Tables setup. Each Team will be seated on a roundtable to boost the competition, efficiency, and effectiveness of the training.
  • Individual and Group Exercises
  • Personal laptop.
  • Colored cards.
  • Paper and pen
  • Use Videos to view examples of negative and positive situations
  • Internets
  • Cards on the walls, functional websites, references and important notes

Methods of Evaluation

We will measure the impact of training in accordance with the following:

  1. Pre and post evaluation
  2. Reaction of participants to the daily evaluation sheet.
  3. Tests and presentations and scenes to assess their performance.
  4. Predominant behavior during the training session.


Trainer Bio-Mr. George N Farraj
Mr.George N Farraj is a banking professional with over 25 years of rich banking experience at both HSBC and Jordan Ahli Bank.
He is a highly accomplished executive with solid and diversified banking experience in leading Retail, SME, and Corporate business, in addition to branches network management.
He is also a licensed TOT (Train-of-Trainers) since year 2006 for “Exceptional Service & Sales,
specialized in building and delivering soft skills training programs in Jordan and abroad.


Workspace- Zeina Complex, Shemsani

44 Queen Nour Str. , Amman-Jordan