Your Key To Motivate

Ahlam is an ATU (Arab Trainers Union) Certified trainer professional in Human Resources and Human development training; with over 10 years of extensive experience in HR and Training, Ahlam was able to place her own marks in the field. Her experience in internal audit and compliances have enable her to obtain a comprehensive professional on both HR and audit which are both strongly correlated.


Workshop Outline

Employees Motivations Overview It is important for a manager to understand how to get the best out of their
team. This training course on motivating employees provides an opportunity for managers to expand their knowledge and acquire new skills which will assist in motivating their team to achieve optimum performance.


Workshop Objectives

By the end of this employee motivation training course, trainees will be able

  • Define motivation and articulate how it impact performance
  • Explains motivational theories and how to apply them in the
  • Incorporate techniques to create a motivational climate
  • Describe the difference between a satisfied, a motivated and an
    engaged employee.
  • Build engagement through increasing employees’ sense of pride in
    both their role and the organization.
  • Discover what actions will build engagement with employees.

Who it may concern

  • Senior Managers from all lines of business
  • First level Managers from all lines of business
  • Sections Supervisors from all lines of business
  • HR Managers and Supervisors

Workshop Contents 

  • What is motivation?
  • Where it all started?
  • Which type of manager are you? the carrot, the whip, the plant.
  • Self-motivated VS de-motivated?
  • What you care for! Thank you, or JOD 20?
  • Yes, you can! Change is possible.
  • Put it on work!

Workshop Duration

One day Workshop / 5 hours