Cloud Architect/ Infrastructure Expert

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  • Review cloud architecture and infrastructure requirements submitted by the Implementation Partner by understanding and considering the requirements of scalability, security, performance, cost optimization, etc.
  • Review and recommend whether the proposed designs are cost-effective.
  • Work closely with the Implementation team to understand application requirements and ensure that cloud architecture supports the needs of the applications.
  • Review all technical documentation related to the cloud infrastructure and propose changes based on cloud best practices.
  • Develop cloud governance policies and procedures to maintain consistency, security, and compliance.
  • Review and recommend appropriate monitoring tools that can track the performance metrics and availability of cloud services.
  • Review thresholds for SLA metrics, such as response times, uptime percentage, and error rates. Configure monitoring tools to send alerts when these thresholds are breached.
  • Review/ Propose disaster recovery strategies to ensure high availability for critical applications.



  • More than 10 years of experience as a Cloud Architect/Infrastructure expert
  • Proficiency in major cloud platforms and knowledge about the different services offered by each platform and how to leverage them effectively.
  • Familiarity with IaC (Infrastructure as Code) tools that can automate the provisioning and management of cloud resources, making infrastructure more scalable and maintainable.
  • Understanding of networking concepts, including virtual private clouds (VPCs), subnets, load balancers, and security groups. Networking
  • knowledge is essential for designing and configuring secure and high-performance cloud architectures.
  • Expertise in cloud security best practices, identity and access management (IAM), encryption, and data protection.
  • Should be able to design and implement secure cloud environments to protect sensitive information.
  • Good knowledge of containerization technologies and container orchestration platforms and experience in deploying and managing containerized applications efficiently.
  • Should be familiar with DevOps principles and practices, including continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).
  • Should have a good understanding of various database technologies and experience in designing scalable and performant database architectures in the cloud.
  • Ability to identify and address performance bottlenecks in cloud-based applications and infrastructure.
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  • Architecture
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